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Ken BodieAbout Pressure Washer Warehouse

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Ken Boddie. I have been in the pressure washer trade for almost 3 decades. I started out in the mobile power washing business washing large commercial truck fleets, car dealerships, mobile homes and heavy equipment, etc. When my younger brother, Scott, and I started out in 1977, there were no pressure washers available like today. Our rig consisted of a Chevy 1-ton van, 500 gallon tank, 5.5 KW generator that powered a hi-pro 500 PSI open gun cold water crop-spraying pump, a 100ft. hose, 8 ft. wand with no gun and a 90 degree angle at the end of the wand. Lots of fun to work with! At the time we thought we were cutting edge. That’s what we started with back then.

pressure washer truckAbout 1979, I was introduced to my first Alkota hot high-pressure washer (one of many to come). It changed the way we cleaned everything. Hot water out of the back of my truck?! A hose reel for that 100 ft. of unruly hose?! A trigger gun, different tips, different way to apply the soap!? WOW!

I have always repaired my own stuff. Since I have already broken everything there is to break and repaired it myself (experience – been there, done that) don’t let this happen to you. Also I have attended seminars and classes through the years to keep up with the new equipment technologies. So, this is how I got into this end of the business, selling and servicing pressure washers – it’s what I know – it’s what I do!

Ken Boddie, Jr.