Portable Wash Water Recovery System

  • IMG_0303Boat Washing that Complies with EPA Regulations!

  • Portable containment system
  • Heavy duty, black, 22 oz., vinyl
  • Wash water containment mat with 4″ berm, 20 x 30 ft.
  • Or, can be made to order
  • H.D. Wet vac 200 cfm
  • With auto pump out 50 ft. hoses with pickup dish
  • Alkota’s ecs5000 filter system
  • Down to 5 microns!
  • 2 – 60 gal primary separation tanks
  • 1 – 300 gal recycled water tank
  • Can be trailer mounted or set up in your shop

Get your marina in compliance! This is a very user-friendly system. Not a lot of moving parts. Lay it out in the fall. Use it, and put it away until the next haul season.

  • Wash Water Containment Collection Mats
  • Environmentally safe way to capture hull wash water run off
  • heavy duty vinyl construction
  • fast easy set up save time save lots of $$$$!
  • specially designed and manufactured right here in new England by local craftsman.

These mats are proven, effective systems that are durable and environmentally friendly, and are less expensive than a concrete hole in the ground!!!

Why pay for something you don’t need?

  • easy set up
  • easy storage
  • easy to use
  • easy to maintain
  • quality constructed with your choice of 18 oz 22 oz heavy duty vinyl or super heavy duty 40 oz . (22 oz is the average that’s all you need really). The mats features an exclusive drive over 4 in foam berm that spring back into shapeWhat size do you need? Average small marina mat size is 40×20, 22-oz h.d. black vinyl. We can customize your mat to your specifications.

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