Product Description

Seasaver system The complete line of the Environmental Compliance Systems® are designed to make complying to the environmental restrictions of most pressure washing applications simple and affordable.

With the proper in field training by your certified and full service distributor you can be up and operational in just minutes.

The ECS is designed to be used as a portable or stationary treatment system that guarantee’s results with ease of service while minimizing disposal cost.

This automatic and easy to use zero-discharge system was uniquely designed to keep business’s operating without expensive filter cost, down time and additional man power. The ECS line of equipment can with ease fit into pick-up trucks, vans or on to trailers.

seasaver systemSome of the washing applications that require zero discharge regulations to storm drain are parking structures, sidewalks, parking lots, loading docks, sports stadiums, convenience stores, gas stations, retail store fronts, fast food restaurants and drive through, spills and work sight accident clean ups and auto detailing to name a few.

ECS requires that all operating personnel are properly instructed on implementing procedural guidelines established by the E.P.A. known as BMP (best management practices).

Every washing application starts with sizing the right cleaning system for the application and the accessories needed to do the job correctly.

Once all the educational criteria have been met your ECS representative can help design or configure the containment method best suited for your application. Such things as portable wash pads, storm drain covers and oil absorbent berms to name a few.

The Environmental Compliance System will be sized to the gallonage of treatment required. The processed water will be pre-filtered through the patent pending multi-tier suction head and optional strainer drum before entering the ECS. The treatment system will then be fed the wastewater effluent via transfer pump or a vacuum system with auto pump out. The pre-filtered waste stream will enter the easiest and simplest to maintain system ever designed for water treatment.

The wash water enters the Phase I filtration chamber through a clear molded-glass cover. The lid is clear for ease of inspecting the filtration process. The waste stream flows through inline replaceable filters. 3 – vertical 100 micron screen filters and 8 polymer impregnated micro-fiber filters removing most solids down to 5 micron and 99.9% of free oil and petroleum related products.

The ECS Phase II filtration continues with the patent pending Perking ® filtration process trapping any remaining fine solids< before the Phase III filtration which the waste stream is pressurized through polymer impregnated polishing filters of 50, 20 and 5 micron which are monitored by pressure differential gauges making it easy to identify when filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

Containment Mats

containment matMade right here in New England, the containment mats are ideal for capturing and containing boat and vehicle power wash water, preventing the run off from entering water supplies, storm drains, rivers, ponds, the ocean or anywhere an environmental issue may be of concern. There are many in use all over the East Coast. All are custom made to fit your boatyard’s needs!


    • 4′ x4′ drive over foam berms
    • simple to set up, no tubes to insert and air to blow up
    • just lay it out and start washing
    • welded seams for maximum containment
    • manufactured from durable vinyl coated polyester
    • available in: standard duty 18 oz or heavy duty 22 oz
    • the only mat manufactured offering: 40 oz – Ideal for extreme duty applications!

containment mat


containment mat